Cedric Marilyn Monroe Chang (roadmarks) wrote in onetruemix,
Cedric Marilyn Monroe Chang

Panic at the Disco - Ryan/Spencer - don't ask me to rise

What this is:
* fourteen songs (plus one)
* friendship turning into something else, shifting again, and circling back

What this isn't:
* a beginning
* an ending

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track by track

i. death cab for cutie - soul meets body

and i do believe it's true
that there are roads left in both of our shoes
but if the silence takes you, then i hope it takes me too

ii. third eye blind - i want you

people always take a step away from what is true
that's why i like you around
i want you

iii. burden brothers - shadow

so if you got to go, then go
and i will be the shadow at your side

iv. smashing pumpkins - tonight, tonight

believe, believe in me, believe
in the resolute urgency of now

v. wolf parade - you are a runner and i am my father's son

i'll build a house inside of you, i'll go in through the mouth
i'll draw three figures on your heart
one of them will be me as a boy, one of them will be me
one of them will be me watching you run

vi. kidneythieves - crazy

crazy for thinkin' that my love could hold you

vii. hawksley workman - smoke baby

and i have never felt quite this close to hell
all this rock & roll, baby, only time will tell

viii. julie doiron - no more

no more singing in the woods
no more singing in the car
no more singing in the streets
no more singing in the bars

ix. azure ray - rise

look how low i've sunk
don't ask me to rise
i'll only lose you when i'm high
all alone in the dark
love survives only when we are apart

x. chris pureka - cynical

you're just getting cruel and we're both getting petty
i want my twenty bucks and my black shirt
you'd better be happy, you'd better be happy

xi. foo fighters - best of you

i've got another confession, my friend
i'm no fool
i'm getting tired of starting again
somewhere new

xii. the distillers - love is paranoid

so easy, so easy, it's left unspoken
and i'm holding on

xiii. florence + the machine - howl

i want to find you, tear out all of your tenderness

xiv. matthew good band - running for home

and after this there's just the circus
and every morning your carnie heart stops working

bonus. david usher - spotlight on

still we are invincible
we thought we'd be forever young
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