a barrier that was never meant to be broken. (azurejay) wrote in onetruemix,
a barrier that was never meant to be broken.

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Fall Out Boyish - Pete/Ashlee - Hello Blackbird, Hello Starling

There's no "narrative" to this, per se, just impressions of a relationship developing from Pete's creepy stalker tendencies rubbing the right way against Ashlee's inferiority complex, getting crushed and pureed through partying, infidelity, and general stupidity, resulting finally in a sweet, adorkable romance (and doooooogs, and a cute baby, but I cut this off at their wedding song, so). You may find ridiculous inside jokes and connective tissue (and a reference to my other, more twoo bandom OTP, ha).

( All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise. )

Fake cut to my LJ, which is crossposted from my DW.
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